Data and location intelligence for enterprises

Location Intelligence isn't rocket science anymore. Use our advanced Data and Automated Analysis to help you make better decisions with your data.
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The ultimate data and location analytics platform

Derive insights using our data and analysis

Combine your data with our proprietary geo-enriched data and powerful AI-driven algorithms to gain business insights.
  • Find unexplored markets and see where your competitors are
  • Find suitable sites and predict impact on business
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales crew in the field
  • Geo-marketing to grow your partners and customer base
  • Forecast your store performance using Human Mobility Data
  • Access risk and refine your offerings to the market
  • Partner with us and monetise your data
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Business Strategy

Assess risks and opportunities using location data. Make use of related data and thematic mapping layers.


A powerful cloud-based platform that can be tailored for specific business needs. Role-based access to collaborate with your peers.

Limit Consulting Expenses

Get complete control over your data with Transerve. No more data loss or limited insights as staff or consultants change.

Location Analytics

Access accurate market intelligence before making any business investment

Use our curated data for your business

We collaborate with data providers to ensure that you get the best data for your needs. No more worries about sourcing high quality geo-enriched data.
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Instantly use available datasets for your analysis

Transerve offers its own extensive data library, which you can use for your geographical analysis needs. We've cleaned, categorised, and labelled everything for you.
Human Mobility
Points of Interest

Need a data collection tool to augment your analysis?

Get access to field data collection apps for ground-truthing campaigns and field-to-office workflows. Analyse the information your field crew has gathered.

Case Studies

Transerve brings fresh perspective to your decision making process

Our branch location optimisation and risk assessment solutions

NBFC - Lending

Risk assessment using AI-powered location intelligence algorithms

Real Estate

Site characteristics for investment decisions, feasibility and scenarios

Why do I need location intelligence?

You’ll need location data and analytics if you want to analyse market trends, consumer behaviour, foot traffic patterns, or make any decisions that require you to think about where, when, and why.

How do I access location data for analysis?

You have three choices: you can bring your datasets with location information. Alternatively, you can combine your company’s data with our location databases. Alternatively, you can select and interact with datasets made accessible on our platform by our data partners.

How difficult is it for me to use this technology?

Users without prior expertise or access to geospatial or location data and processing tools can utilise our platform because we’ve made it intuitive and simple to use. To assist our customers in using this DIY platform, our team has created industry-specific use cases.

How does the process work?

It’s actually quite easy! Simply register on the platform, upload your data, or make use of ours. The user-friendly interface will assist you in navigating the workflows and processing tools.

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