Governments need socio-economic data to frame policies at a micro level and to understand the needs of their citizens. A layer of location element atop this information improves the visualization of the data and helps governments frame policies at granular or hyperlocal level. Large field crews can be deployed to collect data points on health, livelihood, transportation, education, skill etc using Transerve Online Stack platform. Forms can be configured on web as per the requirement and sent to the field crew for data collection in real time using their mobile phones. Textual and/or numeric data collected from the field can be contextualized using pictures, videos and location data.  The platform powers customized dashboards, which can be configured to get insights across various sectors to help policy makers to understand the ground issues quickly.


  • Customized forms can be designed for census, socio-economic studies, baseline surveys or any other survey as per the requirements. Strong built in logic or skip logic is provided to minimize typed entries.
  • Real time data flow from field to office along with offline data collection abilities. Historic data sets can be combined with new data on web for trend analysis.
  • On-premise deployment with unlimited field user license for large scale population census. 
  • Visualization of data on map, graphs and in tabular format on dashboard.

Some of our customers have deployed more than 8000 surveyors to collect data of more than 4 million households and of 22 million population across regions to help policy makers across various departments. The real time analysis has helped governments to identify the issues related to citizens at micro level. 

TOS can be deployed for large scale census with built-in capability to handle large amount of data with spatial attributes in real time. Complex forms can be designed and updated whenever required. Various form elements are provided to gamify the experience of data collection on ground with ground truthing. Administrators can track field crew in real time on web platform to monitor the progress and productivity of each team member.