Large scale projects implemented using a common principle of a program need to be coherent to program’s designed values and outcomes. Program Management platforms powered by Transerve stack provide necessary tools to manage a large number of projects and monitor them proactively. Built-in modules manage various aspects of sustainable development objectives which need to be adhered for such programs.


  • Monitoring and evaluation of each project based on parameters defined by clients. Role based hierarchy is allowed to report on regular basis for evaluation.
  • Environment and social compliances can be managed based on data inputs from the field with interlinked Environmental and Social Safeguards tracker
  • Outreach and communication with document hub module to share documents and messages to various teams
  • Management of resources and procurement services can be managed through the portal

The portal can be made available to funding agencies for releasing grants upon achieving the milestones and goals of the projects. Monitoring projects on all 17 SDGs (sustainable development goals) and 169 targets set by United Nations Development Program have become easy for any government and funding agency across the globe. The platform offers customization to agencies to tune to their exact requirement.

Spatial knowledge adds a wide scale view of the impact and helps in corrective actions in no time.