Spatial data forms the foundation of large cadastral records, and TOS platform helps government and private enterprises in handling these datasets, along with land records. Cadastral maps can be overlaid on satellite or drone imagery along with surveyed data using modern technology like GNSS or Total Stations. Customised MIS helps organizations to track the status of land parcels, lease, mutation along with documentation. Enterprise Cadastral Solution built on TOS manages complete trail of records for the entire cadastral life cycle. Legacy data import in georeferenced form can be uploaded in background from time to time. 


  • Complete trail of documents along with agreements, mutation registers, deeds, lease, encroachment and scanned maps can be managed on our platform. The documents are also linked geographically to respective land parcel.
  • Mobile app works with DGPS receivers for land survey to update the records in real time and to carry out ground truthing from time to time. The app can also be used for fresh survey of cadastral data.
  • Geospatial engine allows spatial analytics to find out land use patterns to make optimal utilization of space for future development. Land disputes can be resolved easily once fresh survey data gets overlaid on drone or satellite imagery. 
  • Access to users based on their roles and geography to enable transparent system between stakeholders. 
  • Land Demarcation Module allows the statutory authorities to carry out land surveys on citizen requests and also to demarcate land parcels.

Transerve Online Stack allows online digitization over fresh background imagery to record the change on ground. Ground truthing can be carried out using mobile application in order to avoid possible encroachment or disputes in future.

Users can attach scanned copy of documents to each land parcel whenever required to keep the documentation trail for each transaction. The system provides land area calculations and sub division of plots using digitization features on web.