Forest inventory mapping and resource management are important aspects for any national or state agency. Our platform allows organizations to create inventory of tree and wildlife species using democratized data collection capabilities of TOS platform and manage it on web with real time calculations like carbon content, biomass, regeneration status, bamboo stock, growing stock etc. The calculations are enabled in a real time mode on web GIS platform and users can configure reports for tracking their forest inventory. The platform allows spatial analysis to track the growth of the forest in near real time. 

Urban areas and municipal bodies have leveraged TOS platform to manage tree census and inventory in cities. The platform helps in maintaining the requisite green area as per the city’s development plan to tackle the menace of increasing urban pollution. 


  • Digitize hardcopy forms for data collection on field tablet. The data sync is available on demand as well as automatically in real time depending upon connectivity. 
  • Manage geo-spatial layers and carry out statistical and spatial analysis, processing and generating reports
  • Auto calculations like individual tree volume, bark volume, biomass, carbon, standard error etc. from the received data automatically using data like volume equations, statistical formulas, species etc. 
  • On the fly data calculation using various GIS layers with the help of drawing tools with in the area of interest like growing Stock & Stand, forest carbon stock etc. 

Decision rules can be configured on TOS at multiple levels based on pre-defined or customized queries. The users can use spatial and non-spatial datasets like Land Cover, Protected Areas, Tiger Reserves, Corridors & location etc. for carrying out decision support tasks. Update layers facility is available to load new forest type and forest cover map along with eco-sensitivity zones, coastal regulation zones etc. to build comprehensive decision support system in order to take informed decisions for infrastructure development. 

Providing access to a large number of users across various departments to help them plan for development projects keeping natural resources in mind is possible with TOS platform. Threshold values to approve the projects based on the area of interest for development can be set to create decision rules. 

Monitor the progress of the projects and access the impact on green areas by allowing agencies to upload drone data from time to time. The time series analysis on base data will deliver the change over time during project phases.