Managing Transmission Line assets, which are spread spatially across regions is one of the most important tasks for any power transmission company. Due to the very nature of spatial distribution of such assets, like towers and transmission lines, a seamless field-to-office data management platform helps immensely to achieve better control. Our platform allows agencies to create inventory of assets using democratized data collection abilities of TOS platform and manage it on web with real time data capture with attributes like types of towers and their assembly, substations etc. Data Capturing is carried out in real time on web GIS platform and users can configure reports for tracking their asset inventory. The platform allows spatial analysis to track the increment of commissioning  in near real time.

The platform helps to understand the terrain as per the specifications mentioned by power transmission organizations.


  • Digitize hard copy forms for data collection on a field tablet. Data sync is available on demand as well as automatically in real time depending upon connectivity.
  • Manage geo-spatial layers and carry out statistical and spatial analysis, processing and generate reports
  •  Auto calculations like distance between two adjacent towers, angle at which towers are installed from adjacent towers, length of transmission line, area occupied by substation etc from the received data.
  • Using various GIS layers of partner utility organization or service provider for any risk mitigation 

Configure decision rules at multiple level based on pre-defined or customized queries. The users can get the details like Land Cover, Protected Areas, Corridors & location etc. Facility to update layers is available to load new layers and geo-referenced raster map along with land ownership details etc to build comprehensive decision support system in order to take informed decisions for infrastructure development.

TOS provides access to large number of users across various departments to help them to plan for development projects keeping services in mind. Setting threshold values to approve projects based on the area of interest for the development is made easy using the spatial engine.

Monitor the progress of the projects and access the impact on services by allowing agencies to upload drone data from time to time. Time to time inspection of transmission lines through aerial or ground survey can be integrated with the portal which helps to manage the risk and maintenance.