We make data collection easy, structured, and democratized. It is a platform to collect, monitor and analyze data for widespread projects in real time for enterprises and individuals. Now you can derive information in the field minimizing the data inputs by the user using inbuilt intelligence.

We have simplified geospatial technology for layman’s use to harness its potential at wider level. The real-time flow of information keeps you aware of situation and accelerate the decision making. TDC is the fastest, safest and fully customizable cloud-based, intelligence embedded mobile data collection, storing and analytics platform. Now organizations don’t need paper, emails, spreadsheets, expensive hardware or software to record the data and store it.

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Make Your Data Work for You

Experience phenomenal jump in the speed of data collection with complete control on accuracy

Structure your data collection process

Create projects, simple to complex survey forms and invite users over an unlimited geography.Add reminder and monitoring workflow to measure the progress of your projects

Real time field to office push

Use the power of Android/iOS devices to collect, upload and update data points from field. Use optional geometries to enable geospatial data collection with media and documents.

Visualization and analysis

Leverage embedded dynamic tables, map view, graphs & charts to visualize the data. Export results in spreadsheet, GIS/CAD formats, KML, JSON formats.

Be data-driven with the most modern capabilities

TDC empowers you with the marquee features to add immense value and enhance productivity for your data collection projects


The industries TDC is associated with

Market Research

Development Agencies

Social Enterprises