Web mapping and collaborative spatial data management is increasingly becoming a common requirement across industry segments. Location data plays an important role in business operations these days. With the increasing demand of platforms which can help users leverage location data across web and mobile environments, the traditional modes of serving spatial content are not helping businesses. Transerve Online Stack presents a refreshingly simple approach to publishing spatial content for a wider audience and build applications around it. Be it integration with IoT devices or enterprise applications, our platform powers spatial capabilities to run your business.

Why people choose us over others
  • Publishing location data is expensive with COTS software
  • Open source is not reliable and needs heavy customisation
  • To handle geographic data one needs GIS expertise
  • Easy to subscribe and pay-as-you-use products are not available for small and medium enterprises
  • No credible spatial platform for democratised data collection
  • Leveraging Big Data for geospatial applications is a pipe dream

More reasons to choose TOS
  • Create your web GIS portal within minutes and share data and analysis with stakeholders instantly
  • Built-in modules for a powerful DIY
  • No learning curve and no geospatial knowledge required
  • Feature-rich platform for democratised data collection
  • Amalgamation of geospatial analytics and enterprise architecture
  • Enable you to collect data at mass scale with location
  • Fire your spatial data with Big Data capabilities

The Ultimate Spatial Data Platform

Publish your data online and share with your audience quickly. The process is intuitive and does not require domain expertise like website building, coding, GIS etc. Users can perform their analysis on web in real time and save their results for later use. Create a user account for admin, create a map session, set-up your organization, create your user credentials, load your data and publish on web.

Transerve Online Stack (TOS) has been designed to manage the stack of geospatial layers on web platform and analyse the data contained in layers. The platform helps in designing the forms to collect the data using mobile devices, manage field assets and for on-the-fly analyses. The platform is available on cloud as SaaS and for on-premise installation with APIs residing on Transerve server. Users can either upload the data on our cloud server or keep the data on their database server and provide data APIs to our web platform for web publishing.

The data can be made available with analysis, maps and graphs etc to the limited number of users who are authorised to view, edit and download.



Geospatial Big Data Capabilities