About Transerve

We are a location intelligence and data company with deep roots in spatial data handling, processing and analysis.

Industries harnessing the power of location intelligence

A variety of industries use Transerve to tackle a multitude of decision-making challenges.


Optimize network, risk assessment, targeted marketing

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Know your customers better, get a better grip on risks and forecasts

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Real Estate

Site analysis, catchment area mapping, footfall trends, feasibility

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Track sales effectively, targeted geo-marketing, expand reach

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Our Journey

We began by offering location intelligence solutions based on smart field data collection technology. We introduced our location intelligence and data platform in the year 2020.

Smart cities and utility businesses were among our early adopters. We've also expanded our capabilities to help decision-makers in BFSI, real estate, FMCG, and other industries.

Transerve's pre-Series A round of funding was led by Tara India Fund IV and Omidyar Network. Over 50 specialists and skilled individuals now make up our workforce, which is distributed across India.

Our Mission

A lot of data is generated by businesses. However, not all of that information is properly used to make decisions and foresee future consequences. Existing geospatial solutions were not cloud-native, and understanding and using location data for decision-making needed a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of skilled employees.

We're completely obsessed with location-based solutions. We've long believed that location technology is underutilised. As a result, it is our mission to democratise access to location data and solutions for businesses across all industries.

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