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Covid-19 Storyline using Digital Maps

Follow this blog to access updates on Covid-19 data and spatial visualization created by the data visualization and geospatial analytics team at Transerve using publicly available data

Covid-19 India Updates

1st June, 2020

Check out this map to visualize the current infection count and the mortality figures.

Covid Updates

World No Tobacco Day

31st May, 2020

On World No Tobacco Day, we share an interactive map created on TOS, based on the age-standardized prevalence of tobacco use among persons 15 years and older (%) overlaid with death per 100,000 of population owing to tobacco generated diseases.

Covid’s Impact on Tourism Industry

26th May, 2020

Tourism Industry is one of the worst affected during the current Covid-19 crisis. Worldwide, 44 nations, most of which are island countries, rely on tourism as major sources of employment (Source: World Travel & Tourism Council report). This interactive map created on TOS helps you locate these countries and the latest GDP Growth figures from International Monetary Fund.

Countries Dependent on Tourism

District-wise Covid Updates

25th May, 2020

More than 6000 cases were reported during last 24 hours in 319 districts of India. Currently the pandemic has shown latest activity in 44% districts. This map shows the current activity and intensity of the spread in the country.

Latest Covid-19 Update: India

Global Economic Outlook: Covid-19 Impact

20th May, 2020

Covid-19 crisis has left an unprecedented and colossal dent in global economy. Most of the economies of the world shrank in the first quarter of 2020. This interactive global map, compiled using data from International Monetary Fund, helps you understand the impact and how each country fared in the midst of the pandemic.

Global GDP Growth Figures: Jan-Mar Quarter 2020

Covid-19 Cases Cross 100k Mark in India

19th May, 2020

As the Covid-19 cases cross 100k mark in India, here’s a visualization on the state-wise cases and casualties using data from Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

India Covid-19 Update

Mapping Global Maritime Routes

14th May, 2020

Shipping is vital for the global supply chain. Covid-19 has had an immense impact on international shipping and trade. Our data science and spatial analysis groups teamed up to create maritime routes across the world using data open-sourced by mariquant.com on TOS.

Global Shipping Routes – 2019

Streamlining Food Supply During Crisis

14th May, 2020

Latest measures announced by Indian Ministry of Finance today will help augment resources for migrant workers. We created a map to visualize the number of migrants (Source: Census 2011) and the recent supply of foodgrains by Food Corporation Of India to each state. Access the map here

Domestic Violence Cases – Analyzing the Impact of Lockdown

13th May, 2020

Domestic violence and abuse cases have seen an upward trend during the current lockdown period. This map visualization created using data from the National Commission for Women – India shows how and where this trend has been observed.

? March 2019 Cases

? March 2020 Cases

Domestic Violence Cases – A Comparison

Nursing Staff Capacity in Indian States

12th May, 2020

Overlaying Covid recovery rates with number of nursing staff in each state can generate insights on preparedness to tackle this pandemic. Here’s an interactive map that illustrates this: https://lnkd.in/g5jWJap

Nursing Staff and Covid Recovery Rates in India

Railway Coaches as Covid Hospitals

09th May, 2020

5,231 coaches at 215 stations have been readied to be used as Covid isolation centers. The locations of these Railway Isolation and Care Centers are mapped on this digital map here: https://lnkd.in/gYWfZAp

Railway Isolation Centers – India

State-wise Survival and Mortality Rates

07th May, 2020

An interactive map showing state-wise survival and mortality rates due to COVID-19 in India.

Survival and Mortality Rates in India – April 2020

Bringing Stranded Indians Back Home: Vande Bharat Mission

07th May, 2020

We created a handy and navigable map-based tool to locate all the flights operating under Vande Bharat Mission and Samudra Setu program to bring stranded Indians back home. Check this interactive map: https://lnkd.in/ge3XJ88

Flights operating under Vande Bharat Mission

District-wise New Cases in India

07th May, 2020

According to the data made public by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India), 177 out of 727 districts reported new cases in India in the last 24 hours (6th May 2020). This map will help locate these districts and clicking on them will show the number of new cases reported.

Cases reported on 6th May 2020

India Unemployment Statistics: Assessing Covid-19 Impact

06th May, 2020

Covid-19 has evidently affected #employment across #India. We mapped unemployment figures (Source) in the month of April for data taken from 2018, 2019 and 2020. Presenting the maps here:

April 2018  April 2019 April 2020 

Unemployment figures: April 2018, 2019 and 2020

Excise Losses due to Liquor Ban: What does the data tell us?

06th May, 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs (Govt. of India) advised the states to reopen the liquor shops with some restrictions. Excise duty charged on liquor is one of the major sources of revenues of the state governments. In circa 40 days of the lockdown, the states had to part ways with a substantial revenue due to closure of the liquor shops. Using the data released by RBI, we estimated the loss of revenue in these 40 days and mapped them against the active Covid-19 cases in each state. Refer this interactive map for more details.

Click on the bubbles to see the estimated loss of excise duty to each state

Food for thought: A hyperlocal map of infections and liquor shops could help decision makers in taking quick and informed decisions in creating a phased plan to open the liquor stores.

Vulnerability Map: Asthma Patients in the United States

05th May, 2020

Today is the World Asthma Day. CDC (US Federal Govt.) advises patients with asthma to exercise extra caution during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Check out this bubble map to estimate and visualize the vulnerable groups in the United States.

Asthma Patients in the US: A decision enabler for disaster managers

Hydroxychloroquine: Which countries received this assistance from India?

04th May, 2020

Upon requests from the leaders of 55 countries around the world, India cleared the export of the anti-malarial drug HCQ. This assistance was intended to respond to the calls of help. This map showcases where the consignments were sent by India.

India helps 55 countries with HCQ consignments. Click on the map to explore.

Comparing Testing, Recovery and Mortality Rates in Indian States

02nd May, 2020

While analyzing Covid-19 responses of different states in India, a comparison of testing carried out with the rates of recovery and deaths could generate a lot of insights. Transerve publishes three maps to help you visualize these parameters:

? Recovery Rate Map: https://lnkd.in/gbQJg6c
? Mortality Rate Map: https://lnkd.in/gpF5c5F
? Testing Rates: https://lnkd.in/gbJaxZi

Testing, Recovery and Mortality Maps of India (Source: MoHFW Data as on 30th Apr 2020)

Latest Lockdown Status and Zoning Map: India

01st May, 2020

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India) has announced the list of new red, green and orange zones with substantial relaxations in green and orange coded districts. Check out this interactive map to spot your district and know the current status.

Covid19 District Zoning of India (as updated by MoHFW on 1st May 2020)

March Unemployment Data and Major Industries in American States

30th Apr, 2020

State-wise unemployment data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of March could possibly indicate early impact of Covid-19 on the economy of the country. We mapped the major industries of all the states in the U.S. (Source: Largest Industry in Each State) and created a thematic visualization on Transerve Online Stack. Further, the unemployment figures (in % of the total labor force) for the month of March 2020 were overlaid after creating bubble maps which thematically represent the scale of unemployment. The map was then published as a Web Feature Service to visualize unemployment figures vis-a-vis largest industry in each state. Check out the map by clicking the image below or click here. To access the industry names and the unemployment figures, click on the respective map features on this interactive map. The unemployment figures of Feb 2020 and the monthly change can be accessed by clicking on the bubbles on this map.

March 2020 Unemployment Bubble Map

India Covid-19 Update

29th Apr, 2020

Here’s an update on the new cases reported in Indian districts. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare updates, 121 districts recorded new cases on 29th April. Check out this interactive map to access the details.

Custom heat map showing number of infections on 29th April (Data source: MoHFW, Govt. of India)

Predicting the end of Covid-19 Pandemic

29th Apr, 2020

Various research institutes and their data scientists are working on predictive models to estimate when the pandemic might end. We created an interactive map using one such model by SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab. Clicking on any country on this map would give you the following details:

  • Date when the pandemic and impact is diminished by 97% and 99%
  • Date when its impact is completely eliminated
  • Number of days and number of weeks from today (29th Apr) when the pandemic will be eliminated completely

Click on the image or access the interactive map here.

No alternative text description for this image
Predictions showing when the countries will eliminate Covid-19

New infections in the last 24 hours

27th Apr, 2020

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India) informed today that new infections in the last 24 hours have been reported in 15% of the districts. Access and spot these districts and visualize the intensity of infections categorized using number of reported Covid-19 infections by clicking the map below or using this link.

Custom heat map showing number of infections in the last 24 hours (Data source: MoHFW, Govt. of India)

State-wise Trends and Infection Statistics in India

22nd Apr, 2020

With the announcement on lifting curbs in specific areas in the country, it is important to visualize trends of Covid-19 infections in the affected states and districts. This digital map is an Equal Interval Chloropleth (See: Chloropleth wiki) to help visualize the number of infections (state-wise) and any state or district on this map can be clicked to access the trends and the source of data used.

Infection trends in the State of Maharashtra (India) (Source: MoHFW, Govt. of India)

District Hotspot Maps in India

15th Apr, 2020

According to the list released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (Govt. of India), all the districts in India were color coded as red, orange and green on the basis of number of infections and the outbreak intensity.

  • Red districts: Hotspot districts with large outbreaks, or with infection clusters. These districts have reported high number of infections, where the doubling rate is less than 4 days.
  • Orange districts: Those districts where no new infections are reported for the last 14 days
  • Green districts: Non-infected districts, and those districts where no new infections are reported for the last 28 days

Transerve team created an interactive digital map of all the districts in India, color coded according to the above guideline, by publishing a Web Feature Service (WFS) using this information.

Image credits: Transerve
Base map credits: OpenStreetMap
Map credits: Transerve | Data from MoHFW (GoI) | Base map: OpenStreetMap

To access the interactive digital map, click on the image above or click here.