Frequently asked questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions that we hope may assist you in answering some of the more prevalent ones

1. Which plan should I buy?

We have pricing plans for a variety of workflows involving location data and your data storage requirements. For additional information, please see our Pricing page.

2. Do you have an evaluation plan?

Yes, you can use Transerve’s Free plan to begin your data journey. For a period of 30 days, you can access a variety of features for free. For more details, visit our Pricing page. 

3. I have a large field staff to collect data. Are you able to assist?

We offer a fantastic field-to-office data workflow engine. You may design survey forms, assign users, and run ground-truthing campaigns. Data collected by the field users is available for analysis on map sessions.

4. Is there a limit to the number of analytics sessions I can use?

There’s no limit on analytics sessions on our platform. Not even on the Free tier! Feel free to work on as many map sessions as you like. 

5. Can I share my analysis outside my organization?

Yes, and in a variety of ways. You can share the results of your map analysis as interactive maps, rasterized base maps, or data access APIs. You can also share your map session on social network, or download and print it.

6. How can I use Transerve's outputs on my enterprise BI tool?

You can use the Layer Data Access API to send processed outputs or input datasets to third-party BI applications like Microsoft PowerBI or Tableau. Transerve allows you to publish your map session and obtain API links, with a click-of-a-button. 

7. Can I collaborate with my colleagues on your platform?

Your organisation administrator can add analysts and field users to your workgroup if you utilise one of our paid plans. By configuring their role-based access, you can collaborate with them.

8. Can I use external base map services?

Transerve provides one-click access to OpenStreetMap and HERE Maps base map services. Additionally, you can use an external Web Map Service if you have access to one.

9. How can use my data on Transerve?

Your location datasets can be easily uploaded using the “Your Data” page’s file uploader. These datasets can also be dragged and dropped onto a map session. We have a number of selected spatial datasets that you may use to combine your tabular datasets or CSV files in order to view them on a map.

10. Do you have an on-premise plan available for large enterprises?

Yes. Please contact us using the form here. We’ll set up a call with you to get a better understanding of your needs.

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